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Anti-scald Kitchen Pot Handle Earmuff Set

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Anti-scald Kitchen Pot Handle Earmuff Set

Keep your hands protected from unwanted burns using this anti-scalding cookware handle sleeve cover!

This 2 piece silicone sleeve slips perfectly onto your cookware handles to successfully prevent any types of thermal transmission. They can hold out from up to an impressive 212°F temperature without scalding, melting, or deforming. Allowing you to comfortably cook with your hot pots while safeguarding your hands and fingertips from the terrible burns. The sleeve covers feature an anti-skidding texture that enables them to hold fixed in place without leaving marks behind. Preventing any slippage accidents to ensure 100% protection as you cook or move boiling cookwares.
The anti-scalding covers adopt excellent flexible qualities that can conform well and easily slip to the pot handles. Making them an ideal heat insulating sleeve for soup pot handles, stockpots, sauce pots, french ovens, cookware cover handles, and so much more. These cookware sleeves supply great waterproofing to avoid uncomfortable liquid absorption like with gloves and oven mitts. Made with premium, non-toxic thickened silicone material that can withstand multiple years of daily wear and tear.  

Cook and hold your hot pots like a pro without the nasty burns with this anti-scalding cookware handle sleeve cover!


  • Excellent Heat Insulating Cover
    A smart 2 piece handle holder that supplies impressive heat resistant qualities and also prevents any types of thermal transmission. Providing you with great ease and comfort each time you cook as it shields your hands and fingers from the nasty burns from hot handles. They can offer protection from up to a maximum temperature of 212°F without scalding, melting, or deforming. Additionally, they are designed with an ideal sizing and length which allows them to cover a large area on the handle. No worries as this 2 piece cover set does not cause any obstruction and they hold flat on the handles to maintain a secured gripping.

  • Non-Slip Design
    These heat resistant sleeves adopt an anti-slipping texture that enables them to hold firmly on cookware handles. Preventing them from slipping or creating even a single movement to ensure 100% protection as you cook or move hot pots. Moreover, the handle covers offer a soft, thickened support that feels comfortable in the hand.

  • Highly Waterproof
    The hot pot handle covers are constructed with excellent waterproofing properties which makes them relatively unaffected to any liquid exposure. They can perfectly resist water from coming in unlike gloves and other covers who absorb liquid. Furthermore, these sleeves can be cleaned easily in the dishwasher and wiped dry after. Eliminating any sorts of odor and harmful bacterial contamination.

  • Wide Application
    These cookware sleeves come with superior flexibility that allows them to fit and conform to handles without damaging or deformation. Furthermore, the covers are equipped with a convenient, cutted opening so you can easily slip them in and remove them anytime when needed. Suitable for covering soup pot handles, stockpots, sauce pots, french ovens, cookware cover handle, and more possibilities. The sleeves do not leave any scratches or any other form of damage on your precious cookware handles!

  • Premium Quality
    Made of high-quality, BPA-free silicone materials with an unparalleled heat-resistant and flame-retardant performance. It also boasts an outstanding durability that can protect  your hands from the burns for years of usage without wearing off. The cookware handle sleeves are completely odorless and they do not contain any toxic chemicals that might leach to ensure safety and health.     

  • Material: Silicone
  • Size: 7.5 x 2 cm
  • 2pcs x Anti-scald Kitchen Pot Handle Earmuffs



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